iPhone OS v2.1

Yeah, yeah, Apple haters, I know, didn’t you just tell me.

I just upgraded my iPhone to firmware/os/whatever version 2.1. Everybody I knew with an iPhone asked why I haden’t upgraded yet. So I did. What a dissapointment! Apple has encrypted the media library hashes, and the encryption is not broken yet, so I can no longer sync my music from Linux. This means all other Linux users I know with an iPhone syncs via Windows or OSX. Loosers!

The correct thing to do is of course not to play cat and mouse with Apple by deassembling iTunes, as somebody has started doing, but write something that works instead. Luckily somebody did. dTunes and PwnPlayer does the job. Especially the latter has great potential. I know, I’ve tested it. It seems it will even be released as Free Software in the end. There is still hope.

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