Free Software driving Norwegian Political Parties’ Web sites

I just did some small research on what CMS and web server/application server systems the Norwegian political parties are using for their web sites. This autumn it is election for parliament in Norway. Note of course that it is not necessarily a political statement to use Free Software and Open Source software in production.

Under follows the list of the parties represented in the parliament today in the oh-so-nineteeneighties left-to-right scale. Free software marked with light-green, non-free with pink and unsure with yellow.

This list is compiled with the help of friends, Google and some HTTP poking. Please post corrections on any error found.

Party URL OS Server/Stack CMS
Rødt Linux Apache/PHP/MySQL Talko
SV Linux Apache/PHP/MySQL EZPublish
AP Linux Apache/PHP/MySQL EZPublish
SP Linux Apache/PHP CorePublish
KrF Windows Oracle MySoft
Venstre Linux Apache/PHP/MySQL Internally custom built CMS system
Høyre Linux Squid/Apache/ZOPE Zope Topics Map
FrP Linux Varnish/Resin IdiumPortal

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4 Responses to “Free Software driving Norwegian Political Parties’ Web sites”

  1. Tobias Brox says:

    Nice … then I can already exclude SP, KrF and FrP when considering what to vote in the next election ;-)

  2. As for Rødt, it’s Apache/PHP/MySQL, on _GNU_/Linux. We moved from a FreeBSD-jail late last year. The plan is to implement some form of caching environment before the election.

  3. Oh. And we’re also moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL, but still only projected work.

  4. ingvar says:


    If you want to just put a high performance caching server/HTTP accelerator in front, you should consider Varnish – . (Disclaimer: Working with varnish and their developers is part of my day job.)

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