Today’s munin tip: Collecting similar graphs

At a weekend, usually at saturday night, just after the kids are in bed, or you have arrived at the local pub and got a pint served, the monitoring system pages you, and tells you that the disk of one of your database partitions is filled to the rim, and that database will crash within minutes unless you fix it.

Now, since you have Munin installed, this could of course be avoided, by watching the graphs, and even looking into the future. But since you are responsible for a lot of other things, browsing those graphs may be tedious.

I threw together a small perl script that may help, at least a bit. It won’t read the graphs for you, but it collects them in a central page for quick browsing.

Just run it like this (or put it in cron) df

df is just an example. You might run it on any munin plugin you have graphs for. You will get a page of colletions at Read that page every thursday, and you might drink that pint in peace.

If the page doesn’t fit to your screen, buy a bigger one, or switch to Firefox, and use CTRL+mouse-scroll-up/down to zoom.

Yeah, and that script has probably lots of ugly bugs. Use with care.

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