Using an US iPhone/iPod power adapter in Europe

I bought my iPhone from the US before it got available in Norway. The power adapter was of course US type, and did not fit into our European style wall sockets. So I bought a third party made-in-China power adapter, and was content. Now, the other day, being a little too rough with it, I pulled out the contact pins!

broken el-cheapo adapter

In no position to get them back, my eyes fell on the originial US power adapter, and wondered if I could buy something that could make it fit in the wall socket, as the adapter supports the whole 100-240 Volt range without modifications.

Original US iPhone/iPod adapter

At this time my oldest son (8) enters and, being the son of his father, start fiddling with the parts. -What happens if I pull here? *Click*


Aha! The wall socket connector is an opt in replacement, and rejoice! The common connector is matching a standard accessory cable. Finally, Apple did something right.

wall socket connector removed standard accessory cable problem solved

Problem solved.

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  1. grenness says:

    I bought ten of these:
    Cost me a total of $9.99 incl s/h, and comes in real handy when you buy electronics from USA.

  2. I had the same “problem” since I bought my iPhone in the U.S
    Spaceworld sells that extra “plug” so you can get all sorts of different outputs. Its pretty handy for vacations and stuff.

    It sure looks better than that ugly black cord :-)

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