rpm packages of munin-1.4

Munin is a auto-configuring, multi-platform, and generally awsome monitoring and graphing framework.

Thanks to the munin team‘s awsome work, munin-1.4 was finally released ultimo november. A bugfix update 1.4.1 was released today. Great thanks also to Kevin Fenzi who maintains munin for the Fedora project. He has built a matching specfile for Fedora and EPEL. I used it on the 1.4.1 tarball, and built rpm packages for RHEL5, available at http://users.linpro.no/ingvar/munin/1.4/

Please report bugs in munin to the munin upstream project. rpm package bugs can be reported to the RedHat Bugzilla

Update: Uploaded packages for el4 and el5 to http://sourceforge.net/projects/munin/files/
Update: Packages of 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 available (not uploaded to sourceforge yet).

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  2. angystardust says:

    THANKS A LOT!!! I was just waiting for someone smarter than me to package it…

  3. Tobias says:

    Thanks a lot! Hope you will continue to update those packages since 1.4.3 already came out. Looks like there will be a few more bugfix releases.

  4. ingvar says:

    I’ve put out 1.4.3 packages today. They are based on the fedora package. Please report bugs to Fedora’s Bugzilla or the Munin ML.


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