The usage of Varnish revisited

Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator, or frontside cache if you like. Working with Varnish is part of my day job. Among other things, I maintain the packages for Fedora and EPEL.

To celebrate the release of Varnish version 3, I decided to poke around lists again, to look for Varnish in common use.

This is more or less a repost, with updated numbers. There is no deep magic here. I just parse some of the available top lists that I know of, and peek at the HTML headers of the sites that are listed. If there are subsites linked from the front page of the site, I scan them too. Subsites with a Varnish match are shown in parenthesis in the results.

For the Nordic countries, I have quite good lists, that is, upload result lists from the probably most visited media sites in the respective countries. Remember of course, that these are generally pay-to-be-included lists, and there may exist sites with far more hits than the ones listed.

For a global overview, I have used Alexa and Google’s Top 1000 lists.

Now for the results. Varnish is sponsored by large Norwegian sites, so it is no big surprise that there are a lot of hits in Norway. Of the TNS Gallup top list, Varnish runs at stunning 51 of the top 100 sites. That’s 15 up since my last probe.

For Denmark, I use FDIM‘s list. Sorted on page hits, we now rule 15 of the top 100, and 29 in the top 200.

For Sweden, I use the KIA Index list. It is a bit harder to parse, but I think I got it right. Sorting on page hits, in the top 100, we are up to 13, and in the top 200, we find 26 sites running Varnish.

Iceland is finally on the list, with one single item on Modernus’ top list. The lucky site is, which looks like a financial publication.

I haven’t got results for Finland yet, I have to rebuild my parser, it seems.

For what it’s worth, I’ll toss in Germany as well. Four sites in the Google’s top 100 sites for Germany, and 13 on the Netcraft toolbar users’ list sounds like a good start to me. And Der Spiegel and Der Zeit are well-known publications.

For the Alexa’s World top 500 list, we have 17 instances of Varnish in the top 500. That is the same result as last year. Still no World domination. Google shows us a similar result, with 32 sites running Varnish in its top 1000 list.

We know Facebook, the World’s most visited site, runs Varnish for several of their services, but it is hidden from my probes.

All the gory details are available here.

Other more or less worth mentioned sites that has been reported to use Varnish but does not show up in my lists, may be Slashdot, The Pirate Bay, e.Republik, WOWwiki,,, BlackPlanet,,,, and, to name a few.

Do you know of other famous sites running Varnish? Use the comments.


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  1. pippoppo says:

    you could add google #730 ( as well

  2. dRD says:

    Finland’s #36 (AfterDawn) moving to use Varnish later this week :-) Hope the usage of Varnish increases in Finland too, we plan to outline our server configs in detail to our readers once we get everything up and running without hiccups.

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