jemalloc-2.2.5 released, updated packages for fedora and epel

jemalloc is a general-purpose scalable concurrent malloc(3) implementation.

I recently built jemalloc-2.2.5 for fedora and epel6. Updates are submitted to bodhi, and will trickle down to their respective test (and later stable) repos in a few days.

Because of som ppc specific lacking functionality, jemalloc is still not updated for for epel5. epel5 supports ppc/ppc64 and needs those fixed to get a working update. For details, see Jason’s answer in April. As stated before, I have access to 32 and 64 bit ppc hardware, and would be happy to test that if the code appears.

Because of this, I have built x86_64 and i386 packages of jemalloc-2.2.5 for rhel5 and clones. The packages are available here:

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