Alexander McCall Smith: The Kalahari Typing School for Men

In the #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Botswana, Mma Precious Ramotzwe has medium busy days. She has to find a few persons in a client’s past, to rest his concious. Her assistant, Mma Grace Makutsi is, while quite content, not completely happy. She misses a man in her life, and her income is too low to live comfortable while sustaining her brother who is dying of AIDS, and also sending money back to her family. So, she starts the Kalahari Typing School for Men, which may fix both issues. In the surroundings, Percious’ fiancee the exccellent mechanic Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, and their two foster children are more and more growing into a family – with the problems that children might have. (“I hate you!” – heard that before?)

All of the #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books are precious books. While not ultimate literature, they are great small stories, giving you the Good Feeling. They are telling us that what you are and what you do is infinite more important than what you own, and that life after all, quite often is all right, or even better, and that the World in general, and Botswana in particular, might be a very good place to live.

I’ll warmly recommend this book, and the rest of the series as well.

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