Fear the chocolate mafia

If you haven’t already, please read The Nasty Tale of a Norwegian Chocolate Mafia. I almost could not believe it. Norway in 2012? How on Earth did those MLM chocolate pusher think could get away with such threats?

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  1. Torgeir says:

    They think they can get away with it because they are a cult. When you license a franchise like this you are summoned to HQ, there are initiation rituals and classes. What we see here I imagine is taught in “Silencing your critics 101″. (See also: scientology) The people at the top of the MLM pyramid, they are not stupid people. They *know* they’re running a scam. Therefore, criticism must be 1) ignored or 2) scared off. This strategy also serves a second purpose, to rally the barely-functional minds of your underlings (the ones that actually generate your income) at the bottom of the pyramid, against an external enemy. You know, teambuilding!
    The MLM companies are just exploiting the same flaws of human psychology that televangelists et.al. must have honed to perfection by now. As an excercise, take a look at http://www.mxicorp.com/ and replace the word Xocai with a holy icon of your choice.

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