vagrant packages for fedora

Vagrant offers scripted provisioning and deployment of virtual instances, removing the well-known “but it works om my laptop” obstacle. Vagrant is well-known and much used and praised in the devops community. Its home page is

While VirtualBox is the current supported target, future versions of vagrant may support other hypervizors as well, including kvm. Being in itself free software under the MIT license, I think vagrant could be included in fedora.

While an upstream rpm exists (putting all dependent packages in /opt) a native fedora package of vagrant was missing. So I wrapped one up. It depends on the following packages missing from fedora 18:

  • rubygem-log4r >= 1.1.9 < 2.0.0
    Fix: Build new package
  • rubygem-childprocess >=0.3.1 < 0.4.0 (0.2.0 in rawhide)
    Fix: Build 0.3.6 package based on current package
  • rubygem-json >= 1.5.1, < 1.6.0
    Fix: Build rubygem-json15, roughly based on current package
  • rubygem-net-ssh >= 2.2.2 < 2.3.0 (2.2.1 in rawhide)
    Fix: Build 2.2.2 package based on current package
  • Discussion on the packages:

    vagrant needs the log4r gem. It is not included in fedora, so I wrapped that as well. It’s quite trivial, but its license is a bit unclear. LGPLv3 or, uhm, something else?

    vagrant needs the json gem, version 1.5.x. Fedora has 1.6.x, so I built a rubygem-json15 based on the current version. It fails some of the tests, in particular those checking utf8 conversion, so I rudely commented out the check part. Note that ruby has no problems coping with several versions of the same gem installed in parallell.

    The net-ssh and childprocess gems are needed with newer versions than those in f17. I built updated versions based on the ones in rawhide.

    Finaly, to make this work on f17, rubygem-i18n and rubygem-erubis were recompiled from f18.

    f17 packages, source and specfiles can be downloaded here:

    Based on the feedback on this post, I’ll consider asking for a proper fedora packaging review.

    3 Responses to “vagrant packages for fedora”

    1. Christof says:

      Nice. We are using the horrible packages from the vagrant site at the moment, but we are also using a mix of Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL and Mac OS X, so it is something I can live with.

      Native Fedora & RHEL packages would be nice though for the future.

    2. Robert Buchholz says:

      Thank you. Submitting the packages to fedora would help me very much, please go ahead. Also, since I am already on the f18 which hit beta this week, your f18 packages would be appreciated as well.

      Cheers – Robert

    3. Steve says:


      Installed beautifully and work flawlessly. Much appreciated!

      Thanks for your work.

      Southern Oregon University
      Computer Science

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