varnish-4.0.3 for Fedora and EPEL

varnish-4.0.3 was released recently. I have wrapped packages for Fedora and EPEL, and requested updates for epel7, f21 and f22. They will trickle down as stable updates within some days. I have also built packages for el6, and after som small patching, even for el5. These builds are based on the Fedora package, but should be only cosmetically different from the el6 and el7 packages available from

Also note that Red Hat finally caught up, and imported the necessary selinux-policy changes for Varnish from fedora into el7. With selinux-policy-3.13.1-23.el7, Varnish starts fine in enforcing mode. See RHBA-2015-0458.

My builds for el5 and el6 are available here: Note that they need other packages from EPEL to work.

Update 1: I also provide an selinux module for those running varnish-4.0 on el6. It should work for all versions of varnish-4.0, including mine and the ones from

Update 2: Updated builds with a patch for bugzilla ticket 1200034 are pushed for testing in f21, f22 and epel7. el5 and el6 builds are available on link above.



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3 Responses to “varnish-4.0.3 for Fedora and EPEL”

  1. Shak says:

    Hi Ingvar,

    It would be great if you’ll be able to build RPM for AMZN Linux AMI, currently Amazon guys are packaging varnish 3.0.x only.


  2. Ingvar says:


    I haven’t tested varnish4 on Amazon AMI, but as it is built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, I think my packages should be compatible. Try enabling the epel6 repo in Amazon AMI, and install my el6 packages manually.

    Please report back :-)


  3. Shak says:


    Actually I’m using Varnish4 on Amazon AMI on several AWS stacks, and I’m using epel plus official Varnish repo (

    At the moment it works as expected (like a charm), but i’m afraid it won’t work in the future because Amazon is updating their packages on their own. They support Varnish 3.0.x by now, maybe they’ll upgrade to Varnish 4 in future releases.

    Anyway it would be great to have an official repo for Amazon AMI, or at least a friendly Varnish repository kind of yours.

    Kind Regards

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