Varnish-4.1.0 released, packages for fedora and epel

Varnish-4.1.0 was recently released, and as usual, I have patched and wrapped up packages for fedora and epel. As 4.1.0 is not api/abi compatible with varnish-4.0, packages for stable releases of epel and fedora are not updated. Varnish-4.1.x will be available in a stable Fedora at latest from f24, though the package recompiles fine on anything from el5 to f23 as well.

Prebuilt packages for epel5, epel6, and epel7 are available here:

If you are a fedora contributor, please test the f23 package. The package should install directly on el7 and all supported fedoras, including f23. Then report feedback and add karma points. With a little luck, varnish-4.1 will go into fedora 23 before it freezes.


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