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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

For Solveig and Jo, at their wedding.

Before I step down, I would like to share a few thoughts of my own. And I would like to talk, not surprisingly, about Love.

I have always been interested in languages. The Norwegian word for the noun Love, is KJÆRLIGHET. It means something along the lines of dearlyness, describing the feeling that appears when somebody is dear for you.

Which is …… nice.

Now in English, the word Love is both a NOUN and a VERB. Which means that love is not just a feeling, appearing when somebody is dear to you. No, Love is a verb. It is something that you do. And if you do something, it is an active action. It is not just anything that might happen to you. It is something that you want to happen.

So, Solveig and Jo, when you withdraw tonight, hopefully content after the party, you may say: I am exhausted, but I do love you, ’cause I want to love you.

And when you go on honeymoon together, you may say: This day I’m happy, and I do love you.

After a few weeks on honeymoon, you may say: Tonight I am angry, but I do love you. And in the morning, you may say, I am still angry, but I love you, because I want to love you.

And ten years from now, after a hard day of work, you may say: I’m tired, but I love you, because I want to love you.

Love is not just something that is. It is something you do. Because you want it to happen.

I pray God’s blessing on your marriage.