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J.R.R. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Since it’s that time of the year again, I’m reading Tolkiens “canon”, that is The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. As earlier years, I’ve also this time tried to find a new angle or figure to scrutinize. This year, the turn has come to Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth.

Imrahil is a bit strange to me. His name would have another kind of etymology, I think. Imrahil sounds more Arabic-like (or Harad, if you like) than of Nùmenorean origin. And he’s too good to be true. Being but Denethor’s brother-in-law, he appears even more noble than Faramir!

When Imrahil first enters the story, he’s the bright hero warrier knight in his shining armour, on his white horse, and his soldiers are marching behind him singing. Wow! And through the story, he barely jumps from his high horse, and then either to save prince Faramir from certain death, or to find that Eowyn is still alive, (and thus saving her as well): ‘I deem she yet lives.’ And he held the bright-burnished vambrace that was upon his arm before her cold lips, and behold! a little mist was laid on it hardly to be seen. And when finally Aragorn is revealed as the heir of the throne of Gondor, Imrahil bows his head, and calls him his liege-lord.

What a man, what a hero, and he is even humble in all his glory. It’s almost too much. And he even has the looks; he is part elvish, according to Legolas: Legolas looked at him and bowed low; for he saw that here indeed was one who had elven-blood in his veins..

Stop. Brakes on. Part elvish? There’s something fishy here. Skipping forward to Appendix A, subchapter The Nùmenorean Kings, it is stated that there were only three unions of elves and men; Lúthien and Beren, Idril and Tuor, and Arwen and Aragorn. Of course, Imrahil could be of Nùmenorean race, but that doesn’t rhyme with the rest of Legolas encounter: It is long since the people of Nimrodel left the woodlands of Lórien, and yet still one may see that not all sailed from Amroth’s haven west over the water. And Imrahil answers: So is the lore of my land.

Now this is a little mystery. What’s the story about elves mingling with men in Dol Amroth? I thought I could remember having read something about that somewhere, but being unwilling to read my volumes of The History of Middle-Earth again, I humbled my pride, and searched the Internet. Wikipedia had the answer, of course. I’m obviously not the first to dig into this. The story is is found in a note in Unfinished Tales, in one of the variants of the founding of the line of Dol Amroth. It is shortly told that Mithrellas, a Silvan elf-lady of Nimrodel’s company became lost in the mountains, but was found and harboured by the Nùmenorean Imrazôr of Bel Falas, who wedded her. She bore him two children, a girl Gilmith and a boy Galador. Thus Nùmenorean blood was mingeled with Silvan elves, and the line of Dol Amroth was established. Shortly after, Mithrellas left, and was never heard of again. It is an, a bit sad story I think, and with Mithrellas leaving, not to say escaping, her wedding to Imrazôr is not mentioned by the “official” unions of elves and men – or it could just be one of the many discrepancies in Tolkien’s stories.