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Updated packages of varnish-2.1.4

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Varnish is a state of the art HTTP accelerator, used to keep sites like Twitter, Wikia and Facebook up to speed.

Varnish version 2.1.4 was released the other day. Users of RHEL5 and clones may now use Varnish Software’s own repo directly.

I have done a few improvements over the specfile in the released version. They will be synced upstream soon. I have built updated packages for Fedora Rawhide, 14, 13, and epel6. You can find them in their respective testing repos from where they will eventually trickle down to stable. I have also built updated packages for el4 and el5. You can find them at

If you use Varnish Software’s own repo for rhel5, the only changes to these newer packages are related to documentation and the building process, and there is no need to upgrade to these packages for stability or bugfix reasons.